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Thank you for taking time to visit our web site. This page is designed to tell you more about our concert presentation so you can decide how our ministry can best suit your needs.
OUR PURPOSE is to reflect the Lord in such a way that the audience will be drawn to Him for Salvation/Commitment. Each concert is prepared with much prayer.
FORMAT is thematic or a Bible Story applied to our times (see below). We use a lot of Scripture, which makes the concert appropriate for a morning service. Also included are, personal experiences, illustrations and poems I've written to front-end the songs. You may want to listen to our radio program. Keep in mind, though, that there is less speaking between songs at a concert.
MUSIC STYLE We present songs with different styles - from Contemporary to Christian Country. Because of this, our concerts are well received by all age groups. Most churches enjoy a mix.
Songs are chosen based on what they mean to us - not necessarily the style, though we stay away from the heavy rock beat so the words can be clearly understood. The concert contains songs in varied vocal ranges. We also try to include the audience in on a song or two.
LENGTH about an hour for a morning service and 1 1/4 hours for the evening. Since we custom create each concert for the event/church, we can prepare it for any length/theme. We would, however, like at least 45 minutes.
# SONGS . . . an evening concert contains approximately 8 songs.
Sound: We bring our own sound system, which Dale operates. He is a certified sound engineer.
Fees: love-offering and mileage, to assist us in our growing ministry needs. Housing, if needed.
Some of the Themes and Bible Stories Presented
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
4th of July
Memorial Day
Mission Outreach
Friend Day
Women's Ministries
Singles Conferences
Family Conferences
Evangelism Explosion kickoff
Seniors Events
Stewardship Emphasis
How to G R O W Spiritually
Who is God?
Count Your Blessings
Fight Fire With Fire
Lets Just Worship
Back To Basics
Intimacy With God
How To Please God
What Is Success?
Why Do We Suffer?
Living The Resurrected Life
Power - The Right Kind Of Way
Lessons we learned on the mission field while building the 1st Christian radio station in southern Belize.

Who will you stand for? (Daniel, Shadrack. Meshack, Abednigo)
The battle is not's the Lord's (Jehosaphat did things right)

From Barb & Dale . . .
   We provide these responses for you to read, trusting that you will give praise to the Lord with us, for what He has accomplished through our ministry. Our desire is that these responses will cause you to desire to use this ministry to uplift your congregation . . .
Your ministry blessed my heart.- Dr. Criswell, First Baptist of Dallas, Texas
The program glorifies the Lord from start to finish - Bill Welte, Sandy Cove Ministries
My heart was touched and my soul lifted by your wonderful ministry. It was certainly God glorifying and superb in every way. - Dr. Moon, Perry Hall Baptist.
Everyone is sharing how blessed they were by your ministry. God worked in a powerful way. The effects will have long term ramifications on many lives. - Rev. Harper, Sunnyside Alliance
Your ministry is greatly appreciated in so many ways; bringing God's words, reflecting His loving kindness, touching and warming our hearts, sowing seeds of God's love. The organization and coordination is very professional and shows dedication/devotion in all you do for His sake. - Karen Wong, Chinese Christian Church
Barbara has ministered on many occasions and each time she has been a source of blessing and has provided an inspirational experience. Having Barbara in your fellowship would be a warm and enjoyable experience and be Christ-exalting to all who attend. - Rev. Blight, Calvary Tabernacle
Barbara's desire to know God more intimately comes shining through in her concerts. That is a tremendous inspiration. It is obvious that she had prayed to God to get specific direction for the service. - Rev. Scott, Lansdowne Worship Center
The concert presentation was a wonderful time of ministry and worship. All were richly blessed. It is very evident that God has called her into this ministry and is refreshing to see someone who truly has a heart for ministry. - Rev. Norman, Maranatha Church of God.
The music selected was perfect, and the presentation was flawless. Her leadership in worship allowed each of those present to meet our Lord again. - Rev. Bumgarner, Elvaton Baptist
Jesus was exalted by the ministry of one who does not perform, but uses the special gift of music to minister to the hearts and lives of people. - Rev. Clifton, Olney Baptist Church
Barbara is a dedicated Gospel singer and will be an inspiration to you and your church. The Holy Spirit was present when she sang with great power. One person was converted. Praise the Lord!: - Rev. Langrall, Blackwater Fellowship
Email us at for a list of churches weve ministered to in your denomination.

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