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The Sandbeks are missionary repesentatives with Global Outreach Mission. In 2004 they undertook the task to build the first Christian radio station in southern Belize, Central America. Miraculously, the station was built from the ground up and was operational within seven months. Since their return to the US, they've sought out ways they can assist in furthering this powerful means of sharing the Gospel. Below is a brief description of the projects they've been involved in.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MISSION'S TRIP: January 10 - February 3, 2014
It's hard to believe it's been over 5 years since we've been on a mission's trip. We've been willing, but nothing presented itself until an old friend of Dale's from church (his dad was our founding pastor), Wayne Lynch, and his wife, Carol, came to visit. They are volunteer missionaries with Crossworld and work and live, most of the time, in the Dominican. Their daugther and her husband have been there for 19 years. He is the pastor of a Spanish church.

Wayne is an incredible facilitator, keeping abreast of the ministry needs there and connecting various people based on their abilities with those needs. Knowing Dale is gifted with fixing and figuring things and I can minister in song and teaching, he asked if we would be willing to spend 3 weeks doing just that. The real draw for us, though, was that a Christian school for impoverished children was in the process of being built and they needed physical labor to help get it ready in 7 months.

So we did all of the above. Dale worked with a team to install a sound system in a church, tweeked the air conditioners at an existing Christian school, met with Wayne and several Christian business men to encourage them with ideas to improve their business, assisted with a Bible study in a prison and prepped/painted walls in the new school.

Barb sang in 5 church services (one of the three songs in Spanish), conducted a Bible study, read to kids in the Christian school, did some admin work and was asked to give tips to 2 praise teams. That was the highlight of her trip. They really wanted to know how to improve their presentation. Years ago she had given a seminar on something similar so she had a lot of helpful info to share. It had to be translated, which was different, but it worked out fine.

Here's what we learned.
- The Believers there are passionate about the Lord and their faith. Church is their life. It was refreshing to see this. Though we didn't understand what they were saying, their love for Jesus came shining through. Long services were not a problem for them.
- Everyone hugs and kisses - even strangers. And they don't care if you just 'drop in'. Miss that in the US. We could get used to that.
- We felt loved and appreciated even though most of the people were young. Miss that in the US, too.
- We met Maria, who fed one of the pastors while his wife was away. She fed us, too. We didn't know much Spanish, and she didn't know any English, but somehow we connected. She prayed the most beautiful prayer over us. We gave her gifts as a thank you for feeding us, but she turned around and gave us both a gift. We will treasure them always. What a Godly woman she is.

We were kept busy all the time except for 2 days when we went to Susua by the Sea. The weather was great, the flowers were lovely, the people were so gracious and Wayne & Carol were wonderful hosts. Our prayer is that our work and words blessed everyone we came into contact with. We feel our ministry is geered to encouragement and we are very comfortable in this capacity, even in difficult living conditions. Praise God for opportunities!
AFRICA MISSION'S TRIP: September 9 - October 7, 2008
We spent almost a month in South Africa working with Trans World Radio. It was truly a blessing to meet and fellowship with many of their missionaries. They are totally dedicated to the task of ensuring that the equipment is up and running and the broadcasts are of good quality. Since the Johannesburg site is the main office for all their operations in Africa, we were privileged to be able to talk with and work alongside more missionaries than ever before. There are 40 people on staff, some are paid nationals - but all have a real heart for the work.

Hearing the broadcasts being transmitted and watching how hard the folks worked to get God’s Word out to the millions of people, gave us a renewed sense of the importance of the work we do to produce our radio programs. It’s a small window of time, but we pour much Scripture into it. God’s Word is what changes lives. We are thrilled to be a part of such a fine organization’s schedule, and most of all to be part of God’s plan to reach the masses.

We could tell people were praying, and believe us, we were glad. The Lord kept us safe, even though the crime there is very high and most of the time, violent. In fact, on the way to church one Sunday, we passed a man laying partly in the street with the paramedics working on him. He appeared to be dead. Then a few blocks further a house alarm was going off, the front door was open, and a robbery was taking place. It definitely was something we were not used to. At times having to deal with all the security issues really got to us – like unlocking all the locks, setting/unsetting alarms and opening/closing gates, looking over our shoulder, driving in such a way so the car didn’t get hijacked, etc.. This was in addition to having to drive on unmarked roads, (on the left side of the road), in a car with a temperamental alarm system. Anyway, we say all this, just to let you know that we also developed a heightened awareness of the need to pray for SAFETY for the Missionaries there. They sacrifice just to be a missionary in a foreign field, but the security issues can be overwhelming. One missionary couple had their car hijacked, their house robbed, and a poisonous 9-foot snake in their home – all in a matter of a few months!

We spent some time in Swaziland. During our stay there, a new $150,000, 100,000 watt transmitter was delivered. It had been nine years since they’d had a new one, so the excitement level was high. They were trying to save money, so instead of renting a crane, they unloaded it the hard way. Several times we thought they were going to lose it. It was something to realize that God’s Word is going to go out from that piece of equipment and that many people’s eternal destiny will be affected by it. We all prayed hard over it. We worked on several projects there and then returned to Johannesburg and did the same.
GUAM MISSION'S TRIP: October 28 - November 16, 2007
Our trip to Guam to assist Trans World Radio with several projects has left us with long remembered blessings of sweet fellowship, great teamwork, well received concerts, pleasant people, breath-taking scenes of God’s magnificent creation, and a renewed excitement for the work of the Lord. It was indeed more than we expected.

The thrill of actually working at the TWR site where five 100,000 watt FM short-wave transmitters are beaming God’s Word to millions of people is beyond description. What an awesome privilege it was for us to work alongside such dedicated and gifted missionaries and feel their heartbeat for the work, not only at the site, but in their respective churches as well. Our Grace Notes radio program is actually aired from this location.

We were able to conduct four concerts there, which was something unique for this land. They had never experienced a full presentation of music coupled with Scripture before. It was humbling to be received so well.

Working at the site was a real blessing, too. We helped them complete several projects they couldn’t get to for lack of personnel. One was the moving of a large stretch of fence around the transmitter field. This involved heavy labor in the intense sun. They needed to complete this before their FCC license could be renewed. The transmitter room needed a face-lift. Nothing had been done to it since the 70’s. We helped them bust up the tile and painted walls and doors. They were so pleased with the new look and will be completing the laying of the ceramic tile shortly. Dale also worked on the transmitters and I responded to some listener letters and shared the Gospel message with them.
BELIZE MISSION TRIP: January 7, 2004 - July 22, 2004

The following is a journal of the events that transpired over the seven month period in which the station was built. It is best to read from the bottom up to get the whole picture.
We’ve been extremely busy and have enjoyed every minute of it. We developed a job application form, program schedule, procedures for operating the station, rules for screening music/programs, and requirements for submitting programs including a formal doctrinal statement with a signature requirement. Programs are coming in the mail on a regular basis, so we set up a logging/tracking system to aid in selecting/registering the programs used each day. Over 100 music CD’s were donated and we spent several months screening the songs. We even got a PO box- which was a real miracle in that it was the postmaster’s idea and he doesn’t like Americans! The first week we gave out the station address we received 5 letters. Enjoy some of these with us…

…Thanks for the great selection of music! Old & young will be touched.

…I listen all day. The youth of Toledo are blessed to be exposed to the new music God has ordained for this time & season.

…Thanks for having a radio station down here. My friends and I are very blessed to have Christian music available.

…The radio station has been a blessing to me – it’s very interesting. (17 yr. old.)

…I enjoy your station, especially the story times. Everyone in our family loves the stories. We listen everyday – all day.

I really love teachings in the mornings. Everybody I talk to really loves it – my mom especially because she was praying for this for a long time.(16 yr. old)

Early on in the project, a young Belizean Christian School teacher, Wallace Edwards, expressed an interest in working at the station. He received a call from the Lord four years earlier to be a station manager – even when there was no station! While we were building the station, he was busy learning the automation system our son had loaded on the computer. We began operation of the station on June 8th, running from 7AM – 7PM most days. Wallace joined us on June 22nd and really knew what he was doing. He took the 7-2 shift and we ran it from there. He loaded programs/music in the computer and we began to run it automated on our shift shortly thereafter. We then realized we had worked ourselves out of a job!

We are now at home in the USA, having completed what we set out to do in Belize. We didn’t expect to be able to return so quickly, as we figured it would take at least a year, but you all prayed and God worked it out for His Glory so that we were able to finish up in record time. It was amazing how He orchestrated everything so we’d know it was time to leave. In retrospect, we now see why it was important for us to be in Belize in January. It was perfect timing for station to be built. Had it started later in the year, the rainy season, which started in June, would have delayed it for a very long time.

We know the teaching of God’s Word will make a difference in the lives of radio listeners anywhere it is broadcast, as was evidenced by the 4 letters we received from listeners to our Grace Notes program in Nigeria and India, saying how much they were blessed by the message - especially the Scripture. God’s Word is powerful! A recent article, entitled ‘Radio Brings Surrender’ in the January, 2004 Focus on Family bulletin insert stated…

Christian radio is bringing more than eternal peace to its listeners in Columbia. Eleven guerillas surrendered to Christian workers after listening to a local Christian station. The station then sent radios to many of the guerillas’ friends, and many of them are said to be about to surrender.

PLEASE DON’T STOP PRAYING. You can be assured there will be adversity and the cults will be knocking at the door to get air time. The biggest prayer need we have is for the station to remain doctrinally sound and for people to tune in and have receptive hearts. We sort of feel like the title to the book entitled…’Forever ruined for the ordinary’, but we need to remember that ordinary tasks are just as needful and just as important to God.

God has used many of His people to work together in unity to build this station for His Kingdom. We couldn’t have done it ourselves for sure. Please continue to pray faithfully for the ‘forgotten’ people of southern Belize, as well as the unbelievers and persecuted Believers overseas.
DATE: JUNE 21, 2004
Greetings from not as rainy as it usually is Belize. We know you have been praying – we have needed it and we have felt it. It was difficult to find laborers that could actually do what they said they could do. Hanging the doors was a really big ordeal. In the US you just buy pre-hung doors, frames and all, and install them in your plumb/square door frame. (Are we laughing??) Nothing in this place is plumb/square! We hired one guy who said he was great at it – and expensive, too. He just pointed to things for our young laborer, Hondo, to do. Needless to say, nothing much was accomplished that day. But, we prayed and God directed us to a place that makes furniture so we were able to get 2 young men who really knew how to hang doors. They did a great job reinstalling the frames (one for the third time), hanging the doors and putting on the locks. We couldn’t get the building secure without doors/locks! I had decided to stain and varnish the doors since they were wood, so I put sand/sealer on them, only to find that the paint brush I used still had left over white paint hiding inside. The paint sealed to the doors. I was really upset because I wanted God’s station to be as perfect as we could make it in Belize. I knew I would have to paint it cream white like the walls, but I didn’t think it would look as pretty as the wood. One night God gave me a visual picture of a beautiful creamy white door with brass knobs and sort of directed me to paint it until it looked that way. Sure enough, after 3 coats of paint – they look just like the visual!!!! I also had used oil base paint on the outside of the door and it ran, plus the bugs decided to party in it after it was painted, so the next day it looked horrible. I didn’t think I’d be able to get it to look good, but again, God showed me a steel door in the same color in a store we were at. Hondo, our dear worker, sanded it down for me and I used only a little paint at a time. It looks lovely. Praise God. The station is absolutely beautiful.

The building is completed, except for putting some Cahoon leaves on the roof for shade. Now we can concentrate on the programming. On Tuesday, June 8th , we brought all the equipment to the studio and Dale wired it up. We began preliminary broadcasting and Dale rode around to see how far it would reach. He heard it loud and clear into Punta Gorda town, which we weren’t sure it would go because of the mountains! We haven’t gotten our schedule worked out as yet but have been playing a lot of music and some programs in between for now. I have been reading Scripture and devotionals. We have very limited support for the ongoing costs of the station at present, so we are unsure as to how many hours a day we can operate and be able to pay for it. The air conditioner has to be on in the room with the transmitter to keep it cool and electricity is very expensive here. Please pray that God will give us insight as to whether we should step out in faith again in the financial area. Oh, by the way, Dale just said I have to sign off for now.

There are FROGS in the air conditioner in the transmitter room and it needs to be cleaned out…only in Belize!

What’s next…
  1. Still busy selecting music for the station – and trying to get hold of some other ministries to send their programs and music down. Need to learn the software programs and begin loading ministry programs.
  2. Will begin working with 2 young Belizean Christian school teachers after they finish up teaching. Please continue to pray that the right workers will come by. We are also looking for a station manager.
The hard physical work is now over, but the real battle will begin for the souls of these dear ‘forgotten’ people of southern Belize. PLEASE DON’T STOP PRAYING. We just met a lady this morning, who was from the states, married a Belizean man, and moved to the bush country north of here. She became a Believer after hearing a Christian radio program. This helps assure us that radio will make a difference. Like she said, “Faith comes by HEARING and hearing by the WORD OF GOD’.” Thank you for sowing seed and investing yourself in Christian radio.
DATE: April 28, 2004
No, we haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth. We just haven’t had access to the internet with our laptop. We hope you’ve been wondering what’s going on. A LOT! It’s been almost 4 months since we’ve been in Belize and we are astounded as to what the Lord has allowed us to accomplish. In fact, the owner of the place where we are living said that what has been done in the last 2 months would have normally taken a YEAR. It reminded us of when Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in only 52 days. It was said that his enemies were astounded and afraid, because they knew it was the hand of Almighty God! What a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

YOUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED for our housing. We moved to Punta Gorda (1 ½ hours south of where we were) on March 1. The people who helped us locate the site for the station offered us a really nice house to rent at a ‘missionary’ rate. They have been very kind. It is made of cement and has a thatched roof to keep it cooler. It is located in their development with 11 Mayan families. It is somewhat Americanized inside, in that it has several amenities (like WARM WATER for a shower - that deserves an AMEN!) yet it still has a Belizean flare to it. We feel very blessed. Here’s where we are with the station.
  • We are working together with ‘River of Life’ on the project.
  • Two teams have come and gone – one from Texas and one from Canada. They were both diverted from where they were originally going to minister. The men worked diligently as unto the Lord. There was indeed great unity among all the workers
  • ANOTHER ANSWER TO PRAYER. No one was hurt, either.
  • The building is up and under roof. The electric has been run to the building.(That’s a miracle in itself!) When we went to put in the work order, the lady said it would take a month to get approved. We STARTED PRAYING as the discussion was going on. Then she stopped and pointed to a man standing outside and said that we could check with him. It turned out that he just happened (sure) to be the one who installs the poles and was a ‘Believer’! When we mentioned that it was for a Christian radio station he said he’d be there the next day and HE WAS!!!! PRAYER WORKS.
  • The base for the tower was hand dug, 9 ft. deep and almost 7 ft square. It took 75 bags of cement to fill it. When it was done we etched Proverbs 18:10 in it…The Name of the Lord is a strong tower!! It’s about 90 ft. high.
  • On March 31st, with the help of 15 men and a wench, THE TOWER WAS RAISED and the following day, while the cement roof was being poured, Dale and the President from Galcom, Rev, McGuirl, performed a TEST TRANSMISSION for about 2 hours – telling people about HARVEST RADIO – 99.9 FM – where they can find ‘Food for Life’.
  • We now have 16 ministries who have agreed to be a part of this outreach and have begun sending programs.
  • We’ve had some set backs, but have seen God’s faithfulness in providing our needs as He has promised (Phil. 4:17).
  • The mixer and amplifier that were donated didn’t work. With all the expenses for the building, we didn’t know how we could get replacements. Praise God, the monies have been promised for these.
  • Our son, Kev, upgraded the donated computers and installed software to run the station. The Lord provided shipping costs for them, but when they got here one of the computers didn’t work. AFTER MUCH PRAYER, we found someone who works on computers and he just happened (sure) to notice that the Video Card was dislodged. It works like a charm now!!!!! Thanks TO PRAYER and to all the people who played a part in their arrival.
  • We’ve had some problems getting qualified workers since the teams left. We are praying that God will give us direction in who to hire so we don’t waste precious time and money.
What’s next…
  • Select music for the station - doctrinally sound songs with a good balance of style as there are many different ethnic groups here.
  • Learn the software programs and begin loading ministry programs.
  • If all goes well with workers, we plan to be able to occupy the building within a month. (Left to, burglar bars, spray ceiling, tile floors and shower, install bathroom fixtures, paint, put on zink roof to cool down cement, electric, furniture, septic…install programs on computer – the list goes on.
  • Hire Believers to be DJ’s and program managers. We want what Nehemiah was looking for (Neh. 7:3)…men/women of integrity who fear God more than most men do.
It appears as if the hard part is over, but really it has only just begun. PLEASE DON’T STOP PRAYING – there’s a war here for the souls of these dear people. The radio will make a difference, because God’s Word is POWERFUL. There will be resistance from the evil one so FIGHT WITH US for the ‘forgotten’ people of southern Belize.
DATE: February 6, 2004
It's our one month anniversary since we arrived in Belize. Much has happened in this short time. We thank you for your prayers as they have surely carried us on Eagle's wings! Here's what we're praising God for accomplishing...
  • arrived safely w/o incident
  • bought a reliable, comfortable and inexpensive car (we named 'Bessie') and got insurance/tags the next day!
  • moved into the home of some missionaries on furlough
  • 3 days later we met Bob Farley, who had secured a license (after 4 years), had most of the studio equipment & a tower was on the way. He'd been praying for someone to come & put it all together!
  • Met Gayle/Dona Scabe who offered us housing in the area where the station needs to be & went with us to find a site for the building.
  • Just happened (sure) to see some men revamping a building as we were driving around. In talking with them we found they were a Christian ministry (River of Life), & were very interested in radio. They offered us part of their land & a small building we can revamp/enlarge.
  • Met Wallace, a Christian School teacher, who had a calling from the Lord 4 years ago to be a station manager. (Even when there is none in that area!) He tentatively agreed to be a part of the station.
  • After visiting many locations & waiting & waiting, we got our temporary WORK PERMIT!
  • Administratively...
    • Contacted Galcom who will provide an engineer to fine tune antenna for maximum output and has a work team we can use.
    • Began contacting various ministries to see if they would send programs. Have gotten all favorable responses so far. (Turning Point, Unshackled, Hope for the heart, Living Way, Karen & Kids, Truth for Life, Trans World Radio(Spanish/English programming) Kek'Chi programming for the Indian population)
  • Meet with River of Life to solidify our agreement, develop procedures to ensure that solid teaching is maintained once we complete our assignment here.
  • Develop work plan for the site. We have a possibility of using 3 work teams who are already planning on coming down in the next month.
  • Determine where to live and move there. There are 2 possibilities.
  • Continue contacting ministries for their programs. Develop program schedule.
  • Buy software for the computers, work with Kev(our son in the US) to install and set up system for running the station. Begin converting/loading programs.
Isaiah 43:18 says... ...I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not see it? I am making a way in the desert; and streams in the wasteland.

The amazing thing about this verse, is this... It is indeed a new thing as there is no Christian radio in Punta Gorda. The ministry we'll be working with is called 'River of Life'. The building site used to be a dump.
DATE: January 28 2004
We have been in Belize for over three weeks - arriving on January 6th as planned. For those of you who have been praying about the car - your prayers were answered. Can't say it's what we figured on, but it is reliable and less expensive than a 4x4 diesel. It's a 1989 Crysler Fifth Avenue, with supposedly only 83,000 miles. (Owned by a little grandma and garage kept.) Certainly more comfortable than we thought we'd have. We figure our Lord knows what we need. We call her 'Bessie'. Everything works on her, too. Now that's unheard of here! We figured she's very much like us - a little worn but not in too bad shape.

We were here only three days when our missionary friends, Jim & Lois Moore, got a call from a former coworker of theirs, Bob Farley. In the course of the conversation, Jim mentioned that we were here to start a Christian radio station in southern Belize. Bob was overjoyed. He had received a call from the Lord to start a station here some 5 years ago. It took him 4 years to get the license and since that time he had been given some equipment for the station and a tower. He'd been praying for someone to come and put it all together! We knew we were supposed to be here in January but didn't really know why that month was so important. As it stands, when Bob received the license on January 7, 2003, he was supposed to have the station up and running within 6 months.We received the call to go to Belize in June 2003. It has been a year and he is having trouble stalling the licensing board. (They can take the license away if the station is not up and running within a reasonable time.)

Bob thought we also had a place with an existing building that could be finished off for the station. We, and several pastors who are on the radio station board, met with one of the Board members from the US group that oversees the work there. We thought everything was a 'done deal' but they have not been able to agree to let us use their facilities.

We are now in the process of looking for another site. We may have to build a building, which could take a while, but we also met up with a couple in the construction business who can get the work done.

We've met with several pastors in the area and most are skeptical about getting involved in any new work. Please pray that the Believers will have faith to believe in this most needed work and commit to see it through. We are reminded of the Scripture that said that even Jesus could do no miracles in his own home town because of the peoples' lack of faith. May this not be the situation here.

As far as housing is concerned, we will have to relocate further south - about 2 hours from where we are now. We have one definite place to rent and another possibility. The more important issue at this point is finding a site for the station. Please make this a real matter of prayer for us.

Personally, we are adjusting well. (I'm even getting used to the cold showers and lighting the gas stove.) The temperature and humidity are not near as bad as when we were here in October. We thank the Lord for easing us in! We have met many fine people and are getting used to making ends meet. It's great to NEED the Lord in ways we never relied on Him in the US.

We are still in need of funds for building, labor and some equipment for the station. Please pray that the Lord will burden the heart of those He wants to be involved in a financial way. We can't raise more support from here - but HE CAN! Someone once said 'Work done God's way will always be provided for!' We are commmited to walk in His way and do His will in everything. We refuse to be disappointed - it is HIS WORK and whatever He does is GOOD and RIGHT.

DATE: October 2003:
We just returned from our fact-finding trip to Belize. The Lord had led us to pray that He would make our paths straight, and He did just that! With only eight days to gather all the information we needed, it was imperative that He direct our ways.

We marveled at how He even brought people to us, since we had limited transportation. We met with 2 Christian radio station owners and discussed how to build/operate a station and select a listener-friendly format. A Belizean Believer who knows the ins and outs of expediting paperwork, just happened to be visiting one of the missionary couples we were having dinner with. When we went to search for land for the tower and a house to rent, someone was always there who could tell us the price. Everyone we met assured us that they would be more than willing to help.

While we were there we ministered in the only prison in Belize. The living conditions are poor but getting better. A few years ago a Christian businessman took over the administration of the prison and has been making major changes so that the inmates are treated in a civil manner. He built a chapel and set up a PA system through which he continually plays Christian music and teaching. Many of the prisoners we spoke with said that the environment has dramatically changed in the prison since the PA system was installed. God has changed their hearts, too. One prisoner shared one of his poems with us.

I sit and look at these bare walls
Remembering the events that caused my fall.
Looking around at all the faces
Filled with bitterness found in such places.
The fence and walls hold the prison in
But the genuine prison is a life of sin.
Held in bondage by Satan's attack
The key to seal freedom most people lack.
As we open God's Word, it is easy to see
That the Lord & Savior holds the key.
Whether in the world or a prison within
We all fall prey to Satan and sin.
To be able to endure the prison of life
Hand God your troubles, burdens and strife.
For prisons are not the only one held tight
Jesus is our answer and guiding light.
So if you're in the world or prison
Open your heart, hear and listen.
God is our salvation from Satan’s attack.
Don’t be caught in a prison where Jesus you lack.

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